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We use 2 basic forms of payment

Paying with a credit card is the fastest and most convenient way to pay. This Payment Method has a 3.5% bank surcharge that needs to be added on top of the original amount.

FAQ: Online payments

Why is there a 3.5% charge?

The 3.5% charge is a bank charge. These charges are not applied by Expert Guides company but by the bank. In Tanzania, the banks charge a supplement of 3.5% for paying by credit card.

Why should I make a payment using a credit card?

Credit card payment is the fastest method of making payments to us without going through many bank procedures. Once you make the payment, we immediately get a confirmation. This method assists us to confirm your reservations promptly. There is an additional bank charge of 3.5% as mentioned below. There are no other hidden costs.

How do I know my credit card payment has gone through?

Once you insert the details in the secured website, you will automatically see an approval on the website and an online receipt which you need to print and save for your records. Please send us the payment receipt by email so that we can confirm your booking immediately.

What happens if my credit card transaction fails?

If your transaction fails, then you need to contact your bank to authorize the payments to Tanzania. Most of the time, banks put a caveat on transactions that they feel are fraudulent, especially in countries like Tanzania. All you need to do is inform your bank regarding your transaction and you need to try again.